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The new generation of Audi A6 allroad quattro

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Audi A6 allroad quattroThe new generation of Audi A6 Allroad quattro is coming in a few months. As we already know the new generation of the sedan Audi A6 is now on the market and Audi A6 Avant is coming in a few months. The version Allroad, is still on the base of the old generation of the automobile.
The Wagon version with increased ground clearance is still popular in Europe in its older generation. This is the main reason Audi to delay the expected releasing of the new modification of Audi A6 Allroad quattro. It is expected to be finally launched in the beginning of 2012.
The design of Audi A6 Allroad quattro is well know in spite of the heavy disguise of yet tested prototypes. The engines, which will be used are 3.0 TFSI with power of 295 hp (about 220 kW) and the 6-cylinders 3.0 TDI with power 201 hp (about 150 kW), 240 hp (about 180 kW) and 308 hp (about 230 kW). In all cases this car is expected from the fans of Audi and bringing to all of them high interest.